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Re: Ariel Arrow Super Sport

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Andy H wrote: Wed Aug 02, 2023 9:13 am Mmmm.!! seem to have struck a sore point Sorry Bernie.
No worries Andy, he's a 'marmite' person ;)
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Re: Ariel Arrow Super Sport

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With regards to powder coaters (if you do decide to have any bits done). I have used Brekland Finishers in Thetford in the past for some items, very good finish, quality work, reasonable price and prompt turnaround (I have no affiliation to the company). May be worth a call.

I have just taken on a Ariel Arrow 200 which I need to get the dummy tank and other items wet sprayed, I was going to discuss with them as they do a range of finishes.

Cheers Darren
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