Wanted: parts for my 1945 project please

Parts needed or for sale, which are unique to the W/NG.
Suppliers of unique Ariel parts.
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Wanted: parts for my 1945 project please

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Now I have had a chance to take a good look over the parts I have for the 45 W/NG, I would like to put the following list of items that I do not have, in the hope that perhaps one of you may have one tucked away that they would part with please?  I do not have any Ariel parts to swap, but I do have some AMC items which could be offered if desired, or of course regular payment methods!

Opinions on the Indian reproductions most welcome please, I have had Indian tanks both good and bad in the past, and once only a chromed item which was terrible!

Condition not necessarily important as long as I can fabricate/repair.

Items required:

Front mudguard and stays
Rear mudguard and stays
Brake pivot bolt (not currently available at draganfly)
Rear stand
Field stand
4 position lucas switch
Headlight mask
Rear half split toolbox (upper)
Panniers and frames
Rear carrier
Rear wheel axle and bearings
Rear footrests
Brake and clutch levers( I believe I have the right clamps?)

Items i would like as I have the alloy versions (they have had small repairs to them but are flat) so could swap/part exchange:

Tin chaincase
Tin timing chest/cover

Many thanks

Best regards

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