"PM to groups" feature disabled

Getting access to the AOMCC sections, new user activiation and the Moderation policies
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"PM to groups" feature disabled

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Thanks to James Dunnington and Derek Hamm for showing this one up.
There is a useful feature, in the private messaging (PM) system, that allows one member to PM every member of certain groups (moderators, AOMCC members, registered users etc)
The moderators use this for sending PM's among ourselves.

One of these groups is "All registered users", which is all of us.
While it may seem like a good idea to email everyone, unfortunately this morning it has triggered a whole string of emails into my inbox along the lines of " I forgot my username/password" or "I forgot how the forum works" ( as I want to read these PM's) BUT I had far more of "why am I receiving these messages".
It has taken me ALL day to answer them all .....

Given that I am a volunteer, and have a job, then I cannot be tidying up everytime this happens.

The feature that allows you to PM to groups has now been disabled until further notice.
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