Dynamo refurb.

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Dynamo refurb.

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The dynamo on my Huntmaster restoration proved to be tired and needing attention. After some asking around, I entrusted it to Andrew Guttmann of Priory Magnetos, Macclesfield. Apart from the recommendation I was first of all impressed by his website; articulate, detailed, logical, well stocked with spares in lists that were easy to follow. He even gave advice on how to send items and with which carrier. He had my dynamo inside 3 days and two weeks later I have it back, fully refurbished for £195 plus £10 carriage by UPS. He rang me when it was stripped to discuss the options, and was clearly a man who knows his subject. He even gave me advice on the electronic regulator I had fitted and suggested a better alternative, not sold by him. If you've got any electrical repairs such as magneto, magdyno, dynamo or whatever, he's worth a try. I have no connection to him nor commercial interest.
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Re: Dynamo refurb.

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And I'll reinforce with the comment that Andew Guttman (Priory Magnetos) has very good reputation elsewhere too.

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