For Sale Job Lot of Piston Rings & Pistons

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For Sale Job Lot of Piston Rings & Pistons

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I have had these sitting for over a year and they are all in new condition.
While I do not own an Ariel myself (yet) and am not very familiar with the different models and their specifics, I have done some research.
I have 25x SFP657 65.02mm (std) Piston ring sets which I believe fit the Ariel Square 4 mk2
I have 35x SFP5416 53.96mm (std) Piston ring sets which I think are for the Ariel leader (1958) and Arrows (1960)
Then there are 4 pistons with ring sets and gudgeon 810d-000 and 810d-050 for the Vh500 and VA (I think): Two are 81.81mm std and two are +0.50 at 82.31mm.
I have attached photos/
I have had some good interest in the pistons however my main question is if anyone would be interested in the masses of rings I have. These were listed at around £30 on Gandini's website, so even if I can salvage a fraction of this value, I will be very happy to see them gone!

Can deliver around UK cash in hand or post internationally at the buyer's expense

Also, if anyone can shed some more light on the bikes which may use these rings and pistons if I have missed them etc please do!
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